Buying Routes

We provide different kinds of buying routes in order for you to choose the best planning option for your cinema campaign allowing you to engage with the best suitable audience for your brand.

By selecting films (film package), audiences (audience package), locations (regional package), selected cinema halls (Gold Class Package) or specific seasons (summer package), you can plan a perfectly targeted and successful campaign.

Audience Package

No screen creates the impact of the big screen.
Cinema is the mother of all screens.

Targeting based on audience segmentation is the most popular planning option and is achieved through demographic segmentation.
The film selection is based on target audience profiling.

Audience Package Young Teens

Cinema is the most favored way of entertainment for teens with their family and friends.

This planning route is based on selecting films preferred by different kids’ age groups.
It allows brands to reach a target audience – kids 10-14 yrs old- that no other medium can effectively isolate and target.


Audience Package Family

A unique and fun experience for the whole family in a special environment with high engagement and impact.

An opportunity to reach all family members while being together.Family package can be selected in an annual or seasonal basis.

Audience Package Adults (18+)

This package refers to specific product/service categories that select films strictly based on age criteria.

Film Package

Action movies, romantic comedies, science fiction, cinephile movies…

A planning route that provides the selection of a specific movie or type of movies in order to connect the brand to the specific movie or group of movies.
The planning for this package most of the times has a duration respective to the movie’s lifecycle.

Regional Package

Every city and every region have their own cinemas.

Selection of halls based on geographical location/region for a campaign.

Summer Package

Seasonal products/ services can now perfectly plan their cinema promotion through the Summer package.

More than 90 new films are released during summer in our halls. We also provide special packages that combine open-air cinemas with halls that operate all year round.

Gold Class Package

Gold Class halls are premium locations that offer a unique entertainment and viewing experience.

Gold Class Packages can be selected for brands that wish to target upscale and hard to reach audience.

Cinema Content

Let’s admit the following: mobile phone, tablet, TV.. none of these screens has the impact of our screen, the cinema. However, although cinema is OUR world, we are there to tell YOUR story.

A special time block airing before the trailers has been created in order to extend your campaigns beyond a 30” commercial.